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"We are each the writer, narrator and reader of our unique existence. We owe ourselves a lifetime of beautiful storytelling, full of honour, colour, texture, truth and devotion.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation & Breath Work Practitioner & Teacher, Sound worker, and Yoga guide. I create, share and hold space and time to honour our unique story's, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually

and energetically too.

Listening in closely to our soul story, and our hearts whispers. 

Each sharing, is beautifully unique, welcoming a tapestry of practises, teachings, ceremonies and rituals."  

I am a student of life, Soul storyteller, wisdom seeker, keeper & sharer. 

Honouring and weaving together Earth Medicine, Energy & light work (The Usui Reiki System), Meditation and Breath work healing, and intuitive embodied movement (Somatic movement, Yoga, Dance), I worship your body, mind, spirit and soul. 

Laura Routh-Parsons

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