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An invitation from my heart to yours to connect to the energy and medicine of your breath. Honouring the rhythms of your whole being as you slowly and gently connect to your inner voice, the one held deeply within.


Listenning in closely to the wishperings of your body, guided by your breath this practices guides you through sitting with the truth held within your inhale and exhale. Opening an opportunity to honour your entire Self in a sacred moment of time. No one else’s truth… Yours.


Give yourself permission to journey through your inner landscapes, as you quieten the worldly noise and hear from within. 


Your body knows... we just have to listen. 


As this practice is likely to bring you into a contemplative state I invite you to offer yourself some space and time once my guidance has closed, to BE WITH YOURSELF. You may wish to have your journal near by....




CREATING YOUR SPACE: As you create your space to journey into the practice remember that there is great beauty in simplicity.


This is a seated practice, ideally directly on the group, rather than in a chair.


Depending on your own energy and the intentions of the practice you may be guided by your own intuition to settle indoors in the warmth, or even outside with the elements of Mother Earth upon your body.


Within your space, no matter where you are make sure that you feel safe, warm and free from as many worldly distractions as possible. Though sometimes it is these very distractions that we need to work alongside.


Consider welcoming in a flame of a candle, burning incense and crystals.

Have your journal close by and a fresh drink of water or herbal tea.


Before you begin clean your hands to help the energy move freely in and out of your heart, with purity.


Allow yourself to feel nurtured, empowered and honoured within your space.


Feel your body, mind and spirit arrive into the moment, wholeheartly.


Thank you for joining me for this practice! As always i would love to hear how it is received. 



Laura x

‘The Body Knows’ A gentle breath work practice - 23 minutes

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