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An evening of beautiful & subtle Self ceremony & ritual, inviting you to surrender completely to the deepness of your breath & the hold of the Earth beneath you, as you honour & celebrate who you truly are.

This gathering offers you the opportunity to release & connect devotionally, emotionally, physically & spiritually, whilst celebrating your truth, past, present & future, opening space to deeply surrender to & honour your whole Self.

Each gathering will be just as unique as those gathered, as I guide intuitively in honour of the season, cycle, & souls within the space.

You will be softly guided through nourishing pranayama (breath work), deep reiki infused meditations, elemental practices, Reiki & Seichim energy work and Sound alchemy.

Friday July 12th 19:30-21:30

Venue - My home garden room, Tadley. (Full address provided in welcome letter)

Exchange £20

SOUL SANCTUARY Friday July 12th 19:30-21:30

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