I am a true believer in creating, holding & sharing devotional time & space with individuals, 
to gather in sacredness for everything you have been, everything you are in the very moment, & everything you are beautifully becoming.

Our time shared will intuitively, subtly and profoundly welcome the beautiful teachings, rituals and practices of Yoga and Reiki  philosophy, Meditation and contemplation, Pranayama (breath work), Energy work, Sound, and Reiki Healing.
You may feel called to centre our time around a particular practice, or welcome a beautiful blend. 
"Offer freedom to all that is held and caught within.
Open your heart, mind and soul to your divine truth.
Find a deeper breath and a steadier step.
Create such a beautiful vision that it is hard to close your eyes.
Honour who you have been, who you are in this very moment and existence, and who you are so beautifully becoming."
These truly personal and unique holdings invite a deep connection towards your deepest and truest self, inviting and supporting you to shift your inner narrative towards a more nurturing and serving soul story. ​ Finding a knowing towards your inner rhythms, as you remove obstacles and create a harmonious reality. ​
Space will be held for you to connect, explore, discover, release, celebrate and honour who you are in mind, body and soul. 
Everything shared and explored will be held in complete trust and honour. ​ 
Sessions are 75 minutes long. 
Once you receive your purchase confirmation please get in touch to arrange our sharing. Laura x


  • Your cooperation and understanding of my cancellation policy is greatly appreciated.

    Kindly note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for any 1:1 bookings & offerings, and full payment will be charged if less notice is given. The full policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Please contact me at least one day prior to your booking to notify of any changes needed. 

  • These offerings can be shared both online and in person. 


    If you would like to gather in person I share from my home in Tadley on a Tuesday and Thursday morning, or I can travel to you within 10 miles. I can also travel to you in the evenings and on weekends. 


    The beauty of this work is that distance and space are not obstacles. We can come together via Zoom on Tuesday and thursday mornings, in the evening from 19:00 or over the weekend.