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Through meditative intuitive movement, yoga flow asana teachings and somatic practices this offering invites your body to meet gentleness, grace and fluidity, whilst also igniting strength and power.

Receiving moments of time to connect with your physical body as an anchor and storyteller for your whole being. During each session we will explore standing, sitting and laying movement and stillness. Allowing you to delve deeper into each layer of your body and being.

Postures connecting to and releasing our major energy centres will deepen our intentions and nurture the medicine.

These sessions will thread together classic yoga postures and sequences with embodiment techniques and somatic principles.

Everyone is welcome (aged over 18), no previous yoga or movement experience needed.

There are just four spaces available.

DATES - please make sure you select the correct day when booking/paying




My Garden Room, Tadley. Full address provided upon booking.


£10 per session

EMBODY THE BODY - Yoga Asana & Somatic movement. April & May Gatherings

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