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Birth empowerment and preparation for ALL births.


Conceiving, growing and birthing your babe are all monumental moments of time that should be honoured, celebrated and nurtured.

It is often said that the birth of a baby is also the birth of the mother too. I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. 


We cannot under estimate our unique experience of life; conception, creation, pregnancy, birth and beyond as we travel through great changes, of both beautiful bodily, mental & emotional and spiritual expansion, retreat and release. We must remember that there is great strength, inner wisdom and instinct, power and ability within us all to travel this journey.

This offering is an invitation to witness, honour, empower and prepare. No matter what your birth choices are you deserve to feel empowered, supported, prepared, heard and held. You have the right to create the experiences you wish for. And you have the power to journey through all that may materialise.

Together we will create devotional time to nurture your relationship with your own body, mind and spirit, and your baby as you prepare to travel through the birth portal, and beyond.

What we share...

Through our time together will we explore and share:

  • Practices and techniques to support you through your unique birth (hypnobirthing, meditation, breath work and embodiment)

  • The profound power of your mind and body connection, in relation to pregnancy and birth.

  • The beauty and power of your breath.

  • What happens during the different stages of birthing.

  • The power of your voice and words spoken and heard by others.

  • Empowered decision making, in alignment to your truth. 

  • Creating your sacred space, no matter where you birth.

  • Creating your inner space, nurturing your true wants, needs and desires.

  • The role of those around you during this time.

  • How to prepare for the unknown and unexpected, and still feel at peace. 

  • Nurturing your relationship with baby whilst still in the womb, during birth and beyond. 

  • Guided pregnancy relaxation and rest.

  • And more....

How we gather...

As we work together our time will be completely unique to you, just like your birth, so we can mould, share and create sharings which will best serve you and your baby. 

You are invited to gather solo or with your birth partner.

We can gather online, meaning I can support you no matter where you are in the world, or in person. (In and around East Hampshire and West Berkshire.)

Our time together (if booking four or six sessions) can be split up in the most appropriate and serving periods. For example:


‘four sessions’ can be held in four separate 75 minute sessions, 2 sessions of 2.5 hours, or a Day immersion for five hours.


‘Six sessions’ can be held in 6 separate 75 minute sessions, or 2 sessions of 3 hours 75.

There is also the option to book singular 75 minute sessions, which can focus on a particular part of empowered birthing or be space and time to receive guided practices and energy work to sooth, support and bless you during pregnancy.

empowered birthing laura routh-parsons.jpg


There is the option to invest in different amounts of time depending on your needs and desires,

financial situation, and stage of pregnancy.

75 minute session £65

4 75 minute sessions £230 

6 75 minute sessions £345

Financial hardship support is also available, so please do reach out if there is an obstacle and we will explore an

exchange which honours us both.

Connect & Enquire...

Thank you so much for your message, I will reply as soon as able.


Laura x


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