Your Reiki One Degree introduces & explores the practises, concepts and intentions of the Usui System of Natural Healing. 
Our work one to one will hold space for honoured & open conversation, exploring your own personal resonance & connection towards this beautiful philosophy. 

Reiki one is focused towards self healing practices, inviting you to receive what you need within each moment of your unique existence. 

Once you have completed your Reiki One you can also share certain practices with close loved ones, should you wish and feel comfortable. This is only in a non professional manner. (Please note: Reiki Two degree is practitioner level.)

I purposely share this work 1:1 so we can really connect to your own resonance, learning & self healing. Though we will have set hours which we gather I will be available throughout, particularly during your reiki 21 day cleanse.  We can also add on additional hours if needed.

 An outline of what is shared during Reiki one degree.

The history & philosophy
The Reiki principles - Life teachings. 
The chakras (energy centres) & Nadis (energy lines)
The four bodies of existence
Teachings & practices for self healing & honour. 
(This part is very expansive & personal to you)
How to read, narrate and interpret your own energy. 
Energy protection & cleansing practice.

Your Reiki one attunement and blessing. 

Guidance & space holding (wats ap & email) 
during your 21 day Reiki cleanse.

How we connect 

Our sessions will be held via Zoom, with on going  connection via wats ap or email  in between 

 Time investment - 5 hours of one-to-one guidance. (Additional hours can be added if needed) On going support through the 21 day cleanse. These hours can shared in a number of ways depending on what suits your time and energy best. 

If you would like to explore more please do get in touch to check my availability.

Reiki 1 Degree Training