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One to one Reiki Training with Laura Routh-Parsons


One to one holdings wholeheartedly dedicated to the mother, for beyond the birth.


Moments of time to receive devotional support, healing, blessings and rejuvenation as we honour what it is to carry the act of service of motherhood.


Space to breathe.

Space to rest.

Space to contemplate and have you whole being, mind, body and spirit honoured and validated.

Space to process the monumental change taking place in your life. 

The very moment that our child is born, we as mothers are too.

Our inner Mother is only as old as our child…

We move through time side by side.

Our first’s are shared.

Our phases & cycles are synchronised.

The women that we were before mothering didn’t know this life.

We are learning.

We are transforming.

We owe ourselves great healing, forgiveness & celebration.

We are meeting ourselves, as mothers, for the first time.

For so many, we spend time preparing for the birth but we forget to truly prepare for the moments beyond. The fourth trimester is often a time, for so many when all focus moves to baby, but without nurturing the mother too how can she truly embody her new role as creator, provider, caregiver.


As we gather our time together will honour your entire being, mind, body and soul. Each holding will be completely unique to you, your wants, needs and desires. And each time we gather it will differ from the last, to truly witness who you are in that very moment. 

Holdings will thread together Energy work, Reiki healing, Meditation, Breath Work, Contemplation and consciousness, Deep relaxation & rest, Soul soothing and more.... we can also share Sound healing, depending on if babe is present or not. 

You may feel guided to focus on one particular thread, or weave a few together. 

As I work deeply intuitively I will connect to who you are in that very space and moment, and share with you wholeheartedly and devotionally. I will share with you in deep solidarity. 

How we gather...

We can gather in person... I can travel to you, or you are welcomed to my sharing space in Tadley, Hampshire.

Or we can gather online, meaning I can support you no matter where you are in the world! 


There of course is always the invitation to bring babe along too. And whilst in practice I will support you with the care. A safe place to lay. A sling to carry. I absolutely honour (& adore) the unexpected moments of motherhood so whilst in session together I am there to support you and babe.

Connect & Enquire...

Thank you so much for your message, I will reply as soon as able.


Laura x


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