R E I K I - E N E R G Y  H E A L I N G

We are all alive because we have this lifeforce energy running throughout us. But on our human journey, our energy can become naturally out of balance. Manifesting physically, emotionally and or spiritually. 


What this means is, that throughout our body or our lives there will be places which have too much energy or too little energy, or have become completely held & stagnant, which can make us feel stuck, uncertain or out of rhythm. 

Reiki intuitively flows to these areas, harmonising all aspects of our being - body, mind, emotions and soul. Allowing for a holistic approach to find and regain a sense of balance, becoming in tune with & connected our inner rhythms.

We do not need to feel broken to heal. Our mind, body and soul can hold onto, manifest and experience, deeply within, troubles from our past, present and future. Reiki allows our energy to find freedom, within our whole being. Finding answers, understanding, clarity and guidance.  

The natural healing energy channels from the practitioner to the client, flowing to where it is needed most, inviting a sense of true harmony.

During the session I may also, intuitively, offer guided meditation, sound work, crystal healing & oracle card readings. Inviting these additional offerings & practices will deepen intention & guidance and amplify the healing energy, allowing for an extremely personalised organic practice 

I am honoured to be a Reiki Master with The Usui System of Natural Healing - if you would like to explore Reiki 1 Self-healing tuition please do get in touch for more information. 


60 Minutes £45 

90 Minutes £70

D I S T A N C E   R E I K I

Reiki healing can also be shared via distance. This would involve both you and I connecting at a set date and time, from anywhere across the World... Please contact me to find out more.


I N V E S T M E N T 

30 Minutes £25

60 Minutes £45 - this also incorporates  personal guidance & honour notes. 

90 Minutes £70 - this also incorporates & offers a connection via phone, Skype or Facetime, before and or after the Reiki, plus personal guidance & honour notes.  



Booking & Cancellation Policy