R E C O R D E D   M E D I T A T I O N 
I am pleased to offer and share bespoke & personalised recorded meditations.

Reaching as many people as possible all over the world, this way of sharing will allow me to support, nurture & hold space & energy for more of you than ever before!

They can include pranayama (breath work), guided visualisation & manifestation, mantras, Yoga Nidra & Sound meditation. The length & intention behind each will be completely personal to you.

Having meditated myself for over 10 years I know how much it can support all aspects of life, & before completing my yoga teacher training I spent over a year diving deep into my meditation training.


I now work intuitively with each individual I hold space for. Sharing practices & teachings which will enrich & nourish every rhythm of their life.

To explore & find out more please get in touch. 

Personal meditation provides a perfect opportunity to focus on something personal, introduce yourself to meditation &  explore new techniques or develop & deepen your current practice. Whether you feel as though you need a sense of release, clarity, or space and support to manifest, this is your chance to truly nurture and nourish your mind body and soul.
Meditations will be sent with supporting written guidance.
A 10 minute meditation £10
A 15 minute meditation £15
A 20 minute meditation £20
A 30 minute meditation £30
A 45 minute meditation £45
I also offer personal packages, which can include regular recordings shared weekly or monthly - please get in touch to explore more. 
Click below to listen to  short sharing...
MEDITATION SHARELaura - The Wellbeing Feeling