Embodying the energy of the Sun, Sunstone powerfully purifies and harmonises all energy centres. Meeting each chakra with truthful honour, an open inner listening and guidance. 

Releasing and removing un-wanted and un-serving energy using the power of heat, light, expansion and creation. 

Sunstone channels our solar, Pingala energy (yang), bringing forward inner strength, courage, decision making, clear vision & intuition. 

Harmonising with our softer energy’s; our Luna, Ida energy. 

With a divine connection between the heart and the sun, Sunstone reveals its unique personality and energy to support and nurture our inner narratives and landscapes. Witnessing all rhythms; amplifying and empowering the desired, and burning away the toxic and stagnant. 

A true ally when honouring self awareness and devotion, sunstone is a beautifully magnificent creator. A creator of courage, and understanding, inner beauty and growth. 

Shining a light on your inner truth with a deep sense of empowerment.

SUNSTONE - Empowerment, Truthfulness, Creativity + Focus

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