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As we move through the portal of a new season, we are gifted the opportunity to explore & immerse ourselves in the medicine & wisdom of the new cycle, light and rhythms.

Spring is the season of fertile grounds, planting emotional, mental and energetic seedlings, with devotional invitation towards the days which lay ahead.

As we emerge from our hibernation, held through winter, we begin to cast our gaze upon renewal and rejuvenation.

A deep, nature led, request for us to find inner harmony between our duties & desires.

Honouring the wisdom of the Earth and the beautiful symbolism of spring we will gather for a morning of devotional celebration & honour, for ourselves, our communities and Mother Earth.

As always I will guide intuitively, led by the energy of those in attendance and the energy of the day itself.

Welcome circle

Community Equinox Alter

Poetry share (bring a poem that you would like to share, I can read on your behalf if you prefer. Self written or one you love written by someone else.)

Earth medicine meditations and breath work

Energy healing

Sound alchemy

Closing circle

All welcome, over the age of 18.

DATE & TIME - Wednesday March 20th 19:00-21:00

VENUE - My Garden Room, Tadley

Nearer the time you will receive a welcome letter (email), with further details and invitations for preparing for your ceremony.

If you have any questions please do contact me directly.

Laura x

SPRING EQUINOX CEREMONY - Wednesday March 20th 19:00-21:00

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