Selenite is a master cleanser & empowerment crystal. Compassionately holding your own energy & the energy of your sacred spaces too. 

Having Selenite in your space powers up the energy of other crystals in its company & whilst also clearing and purifying any un serving energies, rhythms & narratives around you & within. 

Inviting Selenite to hold your candle cleanses your aura, and energetic space subtly and profoundly. The flame and smoke from the candle will embody the energy from the crystal, sending it into your environment. 

It’s subtle but passionate energy connects us beautifully to our divine inner muse & guidance. Pathing the way for a truer, more harmonious existence of self devotion.  

All crystals will be Reiki cleansed before sending on to their forever home.

SELENITE CANDLE HOLDER Purification + Protection + Cleansing + Inner Peace

    Reiki Master - The Usui System of Natural Healing 
    Yoga Alliance 200hours
    British School of Meditation - DipBSoM

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