SELENITE PROTECTION + CLEANSING + INNER PEACE Selenite is a master cleanser & empowerment crystal. Compassionately holding your own energy & the energy of your sacred spaces too. Having Selenite in your space powers up the energy of other crystals in its company & whilst also clearing any un serving energies, rhythms & narratives around you & within. It’s subtle but passionate energy connects us beautifully to our divine inner muse & guidance. Pathing the way for a truer, more harmonious existence of self devotion.  AMETHYST  PROTECTION + INTUITION + TRANSFORMATION + DEVOTION   A stone of transformation & consciousness, Amethyst also magnifies the energy of other crystals in its company. It is good for surging overall protection, and physical, emotional & mental balance & harmony. Honouring our whole being. Bringing unity.  Amethyst reminds us to always honour our truth, body & mind, as a sacred temple, helping us to release from unhealthy attachments and habits, & live an existence of true self devotion All crystals will be Reiki cleansed before sending on to their forever home.

SELENITE & AMETHYST PENDANT Protection + Self Devotion + Intuition

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