Kyanite has a calming effect on the whole being, bringing forward inner tranquility and harmony. 

Harmonising and balancing our Luna & Solar energy’s (Yin/Yang - Feminine/Masculine) 

Inviting all chakras into alignment Kyanite is a beautiful offering for connecting to a deeper Self connection and expression, as well as a closer relationship towards spiritual guidance.  

Carry an energy of attentiveness and admiration towards a truthful human existence and expression, Kyanite welcomes all rhythms to be explored and witnessed without dismissal. 

And in the doing so there is a calmness of self devotion. A freedom and flow. 

Kyanite softness turbulence, confusion and frustration, channeling energy of intuition, peaceful inner whispers and graceful expression. 

RAW KYANITE - Tranquility - Harmony - Self Expression + Alignment