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Not only are Quartz Geodes effortlessly beautiful, delicate and unique but they also radiate the energy of quartz in every direction making them extremely powerful and expansive. 

Inviting clarity of mind and a deeper connection to intuition and deep consciousness. Quartz Crystal is a stunning ally in supporting your spiritual and personal wisdom and understanding. The energy guides you to a place of inner discovery and Self worship. Trusting your own Self as a teacher and guide. 
Quartz Geodes also offer the energy of purification, clearing stagnant energies, internally and externally, making way for openness and connection, inviting energy’s of clarity, transformation and growth.
Quartz in this form also softly amplifies the energy of any other crystals nearby, supporting the intention and connection you may hold. 
All crystals will be cleansed me reiki infused abefore sending on to their forever home.

QUARTZ GEODE Transformation + Clarity + Healing

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