This stunning crystal cluster sees gentle pieces of pink Stilbite nestled on Apophyllite & White Quartz.  The unique offerings brings forth true empowerment, self devotion & love, and trust & understanding towards spiritual connection & guidance. Harmonising inner rhythms & narratives. Inviting forward serving energy, inwardly & out, to support your highest vibration. PINK STILBITE EXPANSION - INNER PEACE & DEVOTION Chakras - Heart, Third eye, Crown Stilbite gently expands your consciousness & inward connection toward guidance, honour and self devotion.  A crystal of universal Love, Stilbite invites deep love for your truth and the space you take up in the world. “I am worthy & empowered.” Instead of searching for love outwardly Stilbite reminds us that we are love. APOPHYLLITE   ENERGY CLEANSER + SPIRITUAL CONNECTION & GUIDANCEChakras - Third Eye & Crown This gentle, yet powerful crystal clears and cleanses not only our own energy but also the energy held in our atmosphere and environments. Softly inviting a deeper connection towards your spiritual awareness and guidance, Apophyllite moves us closer towards our intuition and inner communication, with a sense of trust and understanding. Apophyllite connects towards the third eye chakra, a place of seeing clearer and connecting towards vision.  "I am open to the wisdom within"CLEAR QUARTZ MASTER HEALER - ENERGY AMPLIFIER & CLEANSERClear quartz protects, amplifies and cleanses the energy of other crystals near by, And when within a cluster like this that intention is even greater. But, clear quartz also offers these intentions to our own human energy.  All crystals will be Reiki cleansed & charged before sending on to their forever home.


  • All orders will be sent within 3-5 working days.

    Should you wish to receive your order by a particular date please contact The Wellbeing Feeling directly.

  • If you wish to discuss a return of any product please contact The Wellbeing Feeling directly. Each return will be handled case by case, due to the kind of items and pieces shared.


    Products which have direct contact with the body unfortunately cannot be returned due to hygiene. This includes eye pillows and wooden massagers.

Reiki Master - The Usui System of Natural Healing 
Yoga Alliance 200hours
British School of Meditation - DipBSoM

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