Receiving a personal energy and card reading offers you the opportunity to drop in to greater guidance, deeper intention and truer purpose.
You may be drawn to ask a certain question from the reading, hold a personal intention, or come in from a place of trust and openness towards all that comes forward for you to receive.
This offering includes a full card reading, supported by additional energetic guidance and messages I receive whilst I am connecting to your energy.
Guidance and honour messages will be beautifully threaded intuitively with Reiki and Yoga philosophy and teachings.
If you would like me to hold a certain question, intention or purpose in my energy for you whilst I complete your reading please do let me know in your booking notes.
If you chose to receive your reading via written guidance you will receive your reading within five days. If you would like to connect live, over Zoom, please do get in touch to schedule our sharing.
I really look forward to sharing this offering with you. Om shanti, Laura x