Holding the mother in ceremony, in honour, devotion and in celebration.

Sharing a never ending circle of love for all that she was, all that she is and all that she is beautifully becoming.

A coming together of sacred peace, wisdom and guidance.

An offering of empowerment and witnessing the divine mother within, as she blooms into creation.

A celebration of the changing identity, as she journeys from Maiden to Mother.

A portal of trust, creation and becoming.

Blessing the way ahead.


As an alternative to the Baby shower, this gathering places the Mother at the very core of the ceremony, in mind, body and spirit.

Every layer of her existence and experience honoured, witnessed and celebrated.

Our heart's fully witnessing her journey into motherhood. 

A truly nurturing gathering to celebrate the changing cycle of life.  


Each ceremony will be completely unique, just like the mother that we are blessing and celebrating.

Tender and nurturing rituals.

Offerings to her body, mind and spirit as a sacred home.

Medicines from Mother Earth, as she mothers the mother.

Gifts prepared for mothering the mother during the pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The ceremony will weave together words, silence, sound, embodiment & energy...

This link is to book a ceremony held privately between myself and the mother. To explore and create a gathering with her community, however big or small, please send me an email to discuss. 


Your blessing can be shared within your own space, home or nature, or you are welcome in to my own sharing space, in Tadley Hampshire.