LEPIDOLITE  CALMING + STABILISING + DEVOTIONAL + GROUNDING  Chakras - Grounding towards Crown, Third eye & HeartLepidolite is a wonderfully serene, and extremely delicate stone. Offering a sense of understanding & honour towards your emotions; releasing any held & caught un-serving narratives. Calling in a sense of joy, gratitude, & self-love & devotion. Finding freedom for your truest self & deepest existence.  This is a truly calming crystal, inviting grounding & inner peace when everything around you may feel abstract & overwhelming.  CLEAR QUARTZ TRANSFORMATION + CLARITY + HEALING  Chakra - All  Clear Quartz is thought to be the master healer. It amplifies the energy and the effect of other crystals and clears stagnant energies, internally and externally.  Holding a clear quartz or having it nearby will clarify the mind, opening up intuition and consciousness.All crystals will be cleansed & Reiki infused before sending on to their new owner.

LEPIDOLITE & QUARTZ PENDANT Calming + Stabilising + Devotional + Grounding

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