An invitation to receive a personal energy & oracle card reading offering you the opportunity to drop in to and receive universal and energetic messages, guidance from Mother Earth and her medicine, and the five Elements, completely unique to you. 

The channelled guidance will hold your whole being, your heart held desires and woes, and your souls purpose and truest story. 

Guidance and honour messages will be beautifully threaded intuitively with Reiki & Yoga philosophy & teachings. 
You may be drawn to ask a certain question from the reading, hold a personal intention, or come in from a place of trust & openness towards all that comes forward for you to receive. 

This offering includes a full card reading, supported by additional energetic guidance & messages I receive whilst I am connecting to your energy.
If you would like me to hold a certain question, intention or purpose in my energy for you whilst I complete your reading please do let me know in your booking notes. 
You will receive your reading within three days via a voice message to your email, along with accompanying images of the cards pulled, supporting the reading. 

If you select to receive a reading in both December and January, you will receive your December reading within three days of investing and your January reading will arrive with you between January 1st and January 5th. 

I really look forward to sharing this offering with you. 
Om shanti 
Laura x