Welcome to Inner Muse Offering 001
This month’s offerings is a soft and subtle practice exploring pranayama (breath work) as a guide towards our inner sanctuary. 

This 19 minute guidance invites you to connect to a moment of ease, smoothing the rhythms and ripples held and felt within the mind, body and deeper self too. 
Yoga Sutra 11:52 beautifully speaks about the moments of stillness we meet in our breath, known as The Kumbhakas. 
11.52 As its result, the veil over the inner Light is destroyed. Sri Swami Satchidananda
11.52 As a result of this pranayama, the veil obscuring the radiant supreme light of the Inner Self dissolves. Mukunda Stiles
By inviting a steadier breath, and ease-full suspension and stillness to the movement within our breath, we are too inviting this towards the mind, our chitta and Vrittis (fluctuations of the mind). It is when that movement returns that we return too, with perhaps a deeper consciousness, and worldly connection. A wider understanding towards our existence and life itself. 
This ‘veil’ they speak so beautifully of could be the veil of un serving rhythms and ripples within our existence. Troubled moments, uncertainty, falsehoods and fears, illusions of reality…. As we meet a deeper connection we can begin to witness life beyond the veil. We drop into a wider awareness and connection to all. 
In those moments of pause, when nothing seems to happen, know your breath is resting. 
Ready to return with life.
With power.
With honour and devotion.
This guided practice is suitable for all.
Self-awareness should be taken throughout, ensuring that you are never forcing or restricting the breath to perform outside of a natural and nurturing sensation for the mind and body. 
If in any moment you feel lightheaded of dizzy, please stop the practice.
Ensure your environment is safe and free from as many distractions as possible.

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