As I sit here and write out the words for this offering I know deeply, and trust wholeheartedly, that those who are meant to receive and share this space, time and energy will find themselves here on these pages.


You are meant to be here….


This offering is an invitation from my heart to yours, to travel deeply inwardly to all parts of your being. Being held and guided by the medicine and wisdom of the Earth and her elements. Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Spirit.


We all carry an abundance of stories within our body. These stories live through us. They change us. They mould our energy, our beliefs. Our way of existing and experiencing life. This can be carried either as a blessing or a curse. Through the medicine of the Earth and the Soul we can journey towards a better serving narration of life. Our body as a physical vessel can receive release and power. Our mind can find freedom and beautiful alchemy. Our soul and spirit can discover openness, safety, and worship.  


Through meditation, breathwork, Reiki healing, energy work, Sound journeys, intuitive movement and ritual I will support, hold and guide you through the five journeys from the Medicine of the Earth.


This is an offering towards your own being, to be in honour and worship for every part of your existence. The pass, present and your future Self who you are meeting and creating every single day.


Gifting yourself a deeper connection and understand of who your truly are. Without the noise of the world.


Each ceremony and holding will be completely unique as the medicine, wisdom and guidance rises to meet your very rare and beautiful being. You will receive exactly what is needed in the moment. Nothing more. Nothing less.





1 x 75 MINUTE £65 (This shorter ceremony will initiate your energy into the medicine of the Earth)


1 x 2.5 HOUR IMMERSION £125


5 X 75 MINUTE CEREMONEYS £300 (Each session will serve as a ceremony for each individual element. All holdings to be scheduled upon booking)



I will welcome you to my Garden Room, nestled in the sanctuary of my home garden, in Tadley.

There is also the option to gather online too if distance isn’t allowing.



Please do check my availability before completing payment. 


If you have any questions about this offering please do reach out and connect. 


  • Your cooperation and understanding of my cancellation and rescheduling policy is greatly appreciated.

    Kindly note that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for any 1:1 bookings & offerings, and full payment will be charged if less notice is given. The full policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Please contact me at least one day prior to your booking to notify of any changes needed. 

  • These offerings can be shared both online and in person. 


    I will welcome you to my Garden Room, nestled in the sanctuary of my home garden, in Tadley. 


    The beauty of this work is that distance and space are not obstacles.