Consciousness, Purification, Resolution, Devotion. 

Danburite is a beautifully high vibrational stone that awakens, empowers and aligns the heart and crown energy’s. 

This powerful unique energy channel invites & supports us to process and move through any emotions, no matter the magnitude, with a clear,  conscious and awakened mind. 

Honouring all that our heart holds with devotional surrender and understanding. 

Danburite brings resolution. The connection between our mind and heart assists in only absorbing positive and serving energy. Becoming more in touch with our own energy and the energy within our environments too. This unique offering helps to build a better awareness and understanding of negative, toxic and stagnant energies and how to avoid and release them. 

Not only is this a powerful stone to hold, but it is also potent and profound to have within your sacred spaces. 

A true purifier. 

An ally when witnessing the hearts truths.

DANBURITE Consciousness + Purification + Resolution + Devotion.