This offering invites conversation, ceremony and energy work to subtly come together. 
Our time together will explore your unique existence and energy, and honour your relationship and connection towards inviting crystals and minerals into your spaces and practises. 

This is completely unique to you….

I will hold and guide you through practices, rituals, exploration and ceremony to: 


Discover, explore, create and empower your relationship with inviting crystals into you practises and spaces. 

Honouring both their uniqueness and yours too. 


Explore and gather in ceremony to cleanse your current pieces. 

Delve into your connections with your current pieces to best honour your energies, needs and desires. 

Sit in ceremony to empower your relationship with your pieces. 

Hold ritual to release pieces which you no longer connect to, or serve your energy and story. 


Source pieces unique to you. To empower, heal, transform & shift, purify & cleanse your own energy, and the energy of your spaces.

Booking Notes:

Sessions are 60 minutes. 

We can gather online via Zoom, or in person. 

There is no obligation to purchase any pieces after receiving and connecting with this offering. 

Should you wish for me to source and gather you any pieces after our gathering you will receive a complete bespoke and personal experience. 

If you purchase any pieces you will receive a 20% discount from this session. Should your order be higher than £40.