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Crystal facial rollers invite and allow the energy of the Crystal to deepen their connection with your very own energy.

As they glide over your skin they offer honour to your body with beautiful blessings, whilst removing toxins from the physical body and purifying the energetic body.


Massaging the third eye to awaken & calm.

Releasing the temples to smooth the ripples of the mind.

Softening the jaw to soften the inner narratives & to ground.


Clear Quartz is a master healer, amplifying, purifying and empowering the energy and the intention of each sacred moment of self devotion. Clearing and purifying stagnant and blocked energy’s and rhythms internally, from the mind, body, and within your deeper self too. Holding a clear quartz or having it nearby will clarify the mind, opening up both your intuition and consciousness. Connecting all energy centres, the chakras, to find a rhythm of harmony & balance. Inviting truthfulness to move honourably & sacredly within. This is a softy and subtle crystal, but it holds profound and powerful energy. All crystals will be cleansed before sending on to their new owner.

CLEAR QUARTZ FACIAL ROLLER Purifying + Transformation + Clarity + Healing