CALCITE HONEY Self devotion & truthfulness, Empowerment & Transformation, Inner Harmony. A holder of great healing & warmth, honey calcite invites us to draw awareness, honour & devotion towards our truest self with a nurturing hold from the Earth below, and the sky above. Witnessing and purifying our ego, meeting a place of knowing and trusting that none of us are any greater than, or any less than anything or anyone else. Trusting that you are exactly who you need to be in each moment. And each moment is exactly where you need to be. That you have the empowerment that you need to smooth un serving ripples and rhythms of the mind, and create the existence that you desire.  As Calcite Honey connects to the energy of our Manipura, solar plexus, we meet an inner landscape of self empowerment & transformation. “I honour the power within me.”Harmonising energetic rhythms within to find the most devotional balance & honour.“I hold everything within that I need in this very moment.”Though gentle and soft in appearance, honey Calcite is a beautifully powerful stone to have in your space.

CALCITE HONEY Self devotion & truthfulness +Empowerment & Transformation