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Join me over six weeks to immerse yourself into the healing powers of your breath. During this offering we will explore the medicine held within each inhale and exhale, through a number of beautiful practices and philosophies.


There is a great potential within each breath… the simplest of happenings holds so much power. An act we often forget to even notice, is the very same act which offers us life, knowledge, creativity, narration and understanding.


As we connect to the breath with great honour we will notice the story’s held within. Slowly, subtly yet profoundly the breath itself will then become our devotional guide and medicine.

* Breath work benefits *

Nervous system regulation and soothing

Nervous System healing

Self awareness & connection

Clarity towards life

Steadier mental and emotional rhythms

Stronger respiratory function

Balanced blood pressure

Hormonal harmony

Increased quality of sleep

We will come together to sit with, feel with and be with our breath. Honouring the rhythms, textures and cycles of each unique moment.


Working with the breath in such a way can be truly transformational. We meet ourselves beyond the physical, the mental and emotional. Whilst also weaving these very layers of ourselves together in unity and in truth.


Our whole Self responds to the call and guidance of the voice within our breath.




Each chapter will incorporate a number of different pranayama and breath work practices, slowly developing and evolving over each chapter.

“As water purifies the skin, so the breath is capable of cleaning our whole body.”


As always, I will work extremely closely and intuitively with the energy of the group which gathers, so as we move through the immersion the details of each sharing may alter or adjust slightly. All that I share will be for all those who are receiving.


Chapter One – Opening Circle “Where I am, Where I am going. Where I Belong.”

Chapter Two – The Seven Spirals (chakras) of breath

Chapter Three – Breathing through the Elements - Earth

Chapter Four – Breathing through the Elements - Water

Chapter Five – Breathing through the Elements - Fire

Chapter Six – Breathing through the Elements - Air





Monday September 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th

Monday October 7th and 14th



My garden room, Tadley. The full address will be shared within the welcome email, nearer the time.



If for any reason you need to split the payment please do reach out and we can make arrangements.

If you have any questions before booking please do reach out and connect.


“look at the breath and learn how it travels out of the body back into space, and how it travels from outer space inwards.”


Laura xx

BREATHWORK IMMERSION - Six week gathering

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