Introducing a new crystal into your inner & outer spaces is a deeply personal venture. Like any new relationship it takes trust, openness and a sense of wander towards what will become. 

Crystal are an incredibly powerful tool for amplifying intention, healing and inner power. Each are truly individual in their energy, just as we are, and when you find the right crystal for you, when your energy’s meet, a magical harmony arrives.  

Working with a crystal, or a synced family of crystals, offers guidance and invites a beautiful feeling of being heard, seen and held. 

I am honoured to offer bespoke crystal discovery sessions. An opportunity for us to connect, explore and discover how you can introduce or deepen your relationship and practices with crystals. Including cleansing & simplifying your current family of crystals to amplify their energy. 

We will explore your intention & desires, the most powerful way to connect with your crystal/s and which individual pieces to welcome into your energy. If you are already working with crystals we will also discuss if they are serving your current energy rhythms, and how this can be honoured. 

This offering also includes the gathering of any new pieces you would like to purchase with 20% off any crystals which you decide to move forward with. 

Our discussion can happen via email, or wats ap, allowing for images and an on going dialogue to be shared.


    Yoga Alliance 200hours
    British School of Meditation - DipBSoM 
    Reiki Master - The Usui System of Natural Healing 
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