Offer freedom to all that is held & caught within.

Open your heart, mind & soul to your divine truth.

Find a deeper breath & a steadier step.

Create such a beautiful vision that it is hard to close your eyes. Honour who you have been, who you are in this very moment & existence, and who you are so beautifully becoming. 

These personal & unique guidance & honour sessions invite a deep connection towards your deepest intentions & truest self, inviting you to shift your inner narrative towards a more nurturing and serving story. Supporting you to move forward towards a higher existence.
Finding a knowing towards your inner rhythms, as you remove obstacles & create a harmonious reality.
The sessions will be supported by Yoga & Reiki philosophy, spiritual teachings, guidance & practices,  personal card readings & rituals, guided meditations and deep energy work.
Space will be held for you to connect, explore, discover, release and honour who you are in this very moment, who you have been before today and who you are so beautifully becoming.
Everything shared and explored will be held in complete trust and honour.
All sessions are currently shared via Zoom
I N V E S T M E N T 
60 minutes £55
90 minutes £85
4 x 60 minutes £200
4 x 90 minutes £320