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I am a true believer in creating, holding and sharing devotional time and space with groups and individuals, which honour the very moment of existence, and the story's and rhythm's carried forward from the past and draw back from the future. 

Working together one to one allows us to gather in sacredness for everything you have been, everything you are in the very moment, and everything you are becoming. Our time shared will intuitively, subtly and profoundly welcome the beautiful teachings, rituals and practices of Yoga and Reiki philosophy, Meditation, contemplation and consciousness, Pranayama Breath work healing, Energy work, Sound, and Reiki Healing. You may feel guided to centre our time around a particular thread, or welcome a beautiful tapestry. 


Reiki & Energy work, Sound Healing, Meditation & Contemplation, Breath Work healing, Sound Alchemy and Spiritual Mentoring

These truly personal and unique holdings invite a deep connection towards your deepest and truest self, inviting and supporting you to shift your inner narrative towards a more nurturing and serving soul story. ​ Finding a knowing towards your inner rhythms, as you remove obstacles and create a harmonious reality. ​

Space will be held for you to connect, explore, discover, release, celebrate and honour who you are in mind, body and soul.

Laura Routh-Parsons


Intuitive, Soul guided ceremony & ritual

This offering is an invitation from my heart to yours, to travel deeply inwardly to all parts of your being. Being held and guided by the medicine and wisdom of the Earth and her elements. Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Spirit, through ritual & ceremony. 

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Reiki 1 & 2, Reiki Master Degree Trainings, Mentorship for energy workers & healers

Welcome to the home of discovering, exploring and immersing yourself in the beautiful teachings and philosophies of Reiki Energy Healing. 

I am honoured to share Reiki level one, Reiki level two and Reiki Master Degree training and mentoring, in person throughout Berkshire and Hampshire and Worldwide online. 

One to one Reiki Training with Laura Routh-Parsons


The creation, the birth and beyond. 

In devotion I step forward to create, share and hold space for those journeying through the energy and experience of Motherhood. 


As our physical vessel encounters profound shifts our emotional, mental and energetic Self does too. Here we witness our whole self in mind, body and spirit. ​This space welcomes, embraces and holds offerings to honour your unique experiences and journey, into & through motherhood. 

Laura Routh-Parsons


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